The ROAM foundation of movement programme is a progressive bodyweight programme designed to follow on from ROAM Mobility single series or the full "Alliance" series. You could take this programme alongside the "Ready for LIFE" course as its low intensity and gradual progression will complement the changes and limited movement practise in that largely theory course.

While all efforts in designing this programme are for gradual and safe progression you partake in this course at your own risk. Please follow the guidelines below to keep your safe. None of these exercise should cause pain that your body has not already got. By completing this programme you will be in the condition to attempt more complex and higher intensity exercise regimes.

If you are following this programme by yourself then the rate of progress depends on:

  • your current level of condition - injuries, muscle tone,
  • your previous exercise history/ability - levels of coordination, rate of learning
  • your ambition - how fast you want what results
  • your circumstance - time.

When writing a programme online it is very difficult to satisfy all points above, if there are too many compromises then we end up achieving not much. For this reason I have set loose parameters of this Foundation and restoration programme.

Know that it takes about 30 consistent days of practise to achieve anything of significance, measured by tests or looking at the mirror.

  1. Aim to do each level for for a minimum of two and maximum of four weeks.
  2. Alternate lesson 1 & 2 of each colour, they all expand your range of active movement and feed into all the life-movements.
  3. Any fitness peak is only as good as its base. The better you get at all the exercises in this foundation programme the faster you will learn other movements and modalities. And the higher your performance peak.

Progressive means that Red lesson 1 or step 1 is the entry intensity, and complexity level. Exercises are neuromuscular isolation that targets the brain and muscle coordination to activate a single muscle or movement.

  • Each level has a part exercise that builds towards to the full bodyweight version of the Squat, Twist, Bend, Push, Pull and lunge.
  • The idea is you progress when you can perform the exercise with mastery for our recommenced rep and set range.
  • There will be some exercises that you will progress faster, and some slower.
  • The gradients of colour denote the level of difficulty much the same as martial arts belt hierarchy (except the colour scheme).
  • Levels Red-Orange-Yellow are gradual and almost linear progression
  • Levels Green-blue ramp up the progression intensity, volume and complexity.
  • When/if you feel the recommended progression is too flat then by all means move on to the next level progression. (Make sure you can hold the form for the recommended rep and set range before doing so.)
  • When/if you feel the recommend progression is too advanced, or you can't do with good form, then stay at your current level for another week or so to build up you neuromuscular coordination and muscular endurance before reattempting.

Safety rules

  1. If it hurts stop, make a note of the exercise that hurts and seek professional help.
  2. Only do pain free range of movement. Over time as you become use to the muscle activation cueing and you build tissue tolerance the pain free range of active movement will increase.